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3. week

A simple drawing has to be drawn simple... or else it's not simple...!
 - Thomas Thorhauge

Some of the things Thourhauge does

This week has been the first week in a three weeks course, where we will go through the whole pipeline of creating a comic, but condensed. Our teacher has been the danish cartoonist Thomas Thorhauge who talked a lot about intellectual property, how to earn money on drawing comics, networking etc. The whole week has been about world building and all the creative work you do before you actually starts producing material for a comic.

So the assignment on monday was to come up with a setting for a story, but not a story. Only criteria was that it had to be impersonal, so kind of the opposite of what we did with Paul Karasik. We had to present the setting on a piece of A4 paper by the end of the day, with two drawings of the setting and a sentence describing it.
And then - ! - we had to turn our paper over to the person next to you. This was really a shock for the first five minutes, but then I became pretty happy that I didn't have to use my own setting: my childhood city split in two by the railroad, inhabited by flowers. Now the criteria for the product in two weeks, an eight page comic, is that it has to be true to the style and concept of the original setting we got.

So the next comic you will see from my hand is about a fairy city built out of trash and organic materials set in the jazz age! tadaaa.

Here's the concept sheet I got from Simone (www.iamsimo.tumblr.com):

Here are the first concept sketches I did this week. I don't think the comic will look like this though... I need to figure out how to make it less ugly. But still a little ugly. There will be gradients, I can promise that.

Besides 1920's Vogue illustrations, art deco patterns and flowers, this 3D effect postcard hanging on my wall is a great inspiration source at the moment:

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