lørdag den 26. oktober 2013

Circus of the dead

This week was a design course with Lawrence Marvit.


Abstract design for dark chocolate.
We got a plate of chocolate each. Had to come up with a piece of "poetry" that describes dark chocolate. It had to be personal, unique and preferably visual.
A4 size canvas, landscape format, black and white only using line was the formalities.
My poetry was warm body floating in a cold lake.

Abstract design for Miles Davis album Kind of Blue.
Formalities were the same as with the chocolate, except we had to use shape and could use 2 greys.
My poetry was coming from a hot subway into fresh air and taking a deep breath.

Here we could be figurative, but we still had to make a clear and simple composition. Our theme was Circus of the Dead.
Black and white + 2 greys

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