søndag den 24. november 2013

Manuscript and thumbnailing

The last two weeks we have been writing a manuscript for our 20 page comic and thumbnailing the pages. For the writing our guide was Henning Kure, who is one of the creators of the Danish Valhalla series. For the thumbnailing we had Palle Scmidt, writer and artist of the graphic novels Stiletto and The Devils Concubine.

The writing was very intense and demanding, and you could only do it in a certain pace.

With Palle we also did test pages, where we tried out different styles for the comic. We have two weeks to finish the 20 pages next semester, so we also had to find out which style would be easier for yourself to finish quickly. This is why I have chosen to do the comic in pencil/crayon with a more children book/illustration feel to it. The trick, Palle said, is to trick yourself into thinking that what you're doing is not important.

The comic will look something like this:

And these are the other tests I did:

For inspiration I have been looking at Tove Jannson, Arne Ungermann and Sven Nordqvist illustrations.

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