søndag den 1. december 2013


This week was drawing with Lawrence Marvit. Before we move on with the second design class, we went through perspective drawing and rendering a full image.

First assignment was to design a weapon for Atlantis. We had a lecture about design and form, where we looked at cars, chairs, sofas, sculptures and toy guns. It made me think about design in a new way, namely designing three dimensionally, and also designing the (three dimensional) negative space. How can you make the negative space of a chair the most dynamic. This is really interesting.

Then we drew an epic view of Atlantis in perspective. Which turned out very ugly.

My drawing of an antique shop went better.

And last thing was to render the drawing.

I am not done with this drawing.

In this week we also had three third year students model for us in superhero costumes. With 3 minute poses we worked with construction of the body and drawing fabric and folders.

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